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O'Hare Offices

999 E. Touhy Avenue
Des Plaines, IL, 60018

Situated by the picturesque Lake Opeka, this building under owner occupancy presents captivating vistas of the water and encompasses five floors of office space that can be tailored to your specific needs. 

1011 E. Touhy Avenue
Des Plaines, IL, 60018

With its striking lobby reminiscent of a bustling downtown, along with a range of amenities like an on-site deli and fitness center, 1011 offers unmatched convenience that seamlessly combines location, sustainability, and lifestyle. 

1111 E. Touhy Avenue
Des Plaines, IL, 60018

Every nook and cranny of 1111 exudes proficiency, from its expertly curated interior design to the sun-drenched, two-story atrium. 

Office Space for Rent in Des Plaines, IL

Our office spaces are designed with your unique needs in mind, offering unparalleled customization to match your exact specifications. With a dedicated professional architect at your service, the possibilities are limitless. Whether you envision an open-concept collaborative environment or a more structured setup with individual cubicles, our architect can bring your ideas to fruition. Walls can be torn down to create expansive layouts, or new partitions can be erected to define spaces as needed. Your workspace is a reflection of your business’s identity, and our architect is here to ensure that every detail aligns seamlessly with your vision.

Experience the freedom to shape your work environment as you desire in our fully customizable office spaces.

O'Hare Offices Amenities

Advertise your business via our digital billboard, seen by nearly 200,000 people every day

An on-site state-of-the-art fitness center for maintaining optimal health during the workday

Experience the epitome of convenience and functionality with multiple spacious meeting rooms at O’Hare Offices

Unlock a world of professional connections and collaboration at O’Hare Offices’ networking events.

Eating healthy is easy with our on-site deli that offer fresh and delicious options

Providing business owners with abundant technological innovations in security, monitoring, sustainability and advertising

Providing an instant wireless gateway for access on permissions basis and/or payment via touchless credit card

Get your vehicle professionally detailed while at work.

O'Hare Offices Referral Program

Refer a tenant, earn a month or more of free rent.
It pays to share the perfect office space!

O'Hare Offices Tenant Referral Program

Refer a tenant, earn a month rent-free – It pays to share the perfect office space!