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O’Hare Offices Tenant Referral Program

O’Hare Offices is pleased to offer our current tenants a referral credit for any referral of a new tenant(s) that results in a signed lease at any of our available properties! If you know anyone looking to rent office space, please refer them to us. We will contact and inform them of our available vacancies. In return, you will receive a referral credit, which will be applied to your account upon meeting requirements.  

Compensation for referrals is 25% of the new tenant’s monthly rent. 

For example: if the tenant you refer’s monthly rent is $10,000 you will receive $2,500.

In order to qualify for the referral credit, you must meet the following criteria:  

  • Current Resident(s) must be residing at one of our O’Hare Offices Properties. Current Resident(s) must also be up to date on all rent and/or other charges, including any delinquent amount owed. Current Resident(s) must not have given a 30-day notice to move out
  • The New Applicant(s) must qualify and meet O’Hare Offices tenant rental requirements. New Applicant(s) must also sign a minimum 1 (one) year lease agreement along with all required documentation and addendums
  • The New Applicant(s) must lease within 30 (thirty) days from the date this form is submitted to our office by the New Applicant(s)
  • Once a New Applicant(s) is approved and has moved into the rental property as Tenant(s), the Tenant(s) must reside at the property for a minimum of 60 (sixty) days and pay all rent and/or other charges on time and be in good standing

    If you agree to the terms of the Tenant Referral Program and wish to participate, then please complete the Tenant Referral Form below.

Tenant Referral Form

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